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Create your own Restaurant Recipes,
and set up your own restaurant business?

Have you ever wondered what special Cooking Tips,
that you should use, in order to present an attractive meal?

I remembered some time ago, when I had my first date,
with a handsome gentleman. He brought me to,
a very classic restaurant at Orchard Road in Singapore.

The place was situated in a small hotel, named “Ladyhill Hotel”.
A very romantic environment. We had a lovely candle light dinner,
that night. We were surrounded with some soft classical music.

I remembered we had some simple, but very specially presented dinner.
The food decoration were fantastic. I love specially the simple seafood,
with some elegant sauce and the home made digesting fruit juice,
with a pretty high leg crystal glass. It was lovely!

After the dinner, we went to a hotel cafe, for coffee. I had ordered,
a glass of Iced Coffee with Chocolate Chips and Ice Cream topping.
It was a wonderful experience, that I could not forget!

Now whenever I cook, I will create my own recipes and present it,
with a special style. Especially for the Christmas and New year parties.
My friends and family were amazed.

Join me to the Amazing Restaurant Recipes Creation Party?

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Chinese Tea Chines Restaurant Dim Sum Chines Restaurant Dim Sum Hong Kong Dim Sum from Chines Restaurant
Tofu Salad from Singapore Muslim Restaurant Lobster Cocktail Steamed Crab from Singapore Seafood Restaurant Curry Chicken

Salad Greens Chocolate Chips Ice Cream Traditional Coffee from Singapore Iced Coffee from Singapore Restaurant

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