About me and Our Cantonese Chinese Culture Cooking!

About me, cantonese

About me!

I am Joan Chang.
from Singapore.

I was born in a big Cantonese family with six other children.

Cooking and Gardening are two of my favourite hobbies.

Those days, we were staying in a seven storey flat.

I remembered, we were the only Cantonese family around for those non-Cantonese speaking neighbours.

Those days, the Hong Kong Cantonese home series were popular.
So, all the non-Cantonese speaking neighbours wanted to practise
their Cantonese with us.

When we had guests, we exchanged not only our language but also our cooking experience with them.

These days, the new generation learn no more dialects. So,
our Cantonese phrases and all the genuine Chinese recipes
will soon be lost.

I thought that, maybe I should share all our Cantonese Chinese culture, Cantonese recipes and Cantonese cooking experience, with someone and keep some valuable records with this world.

I am looking forward each day to share more...

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