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Agar Agar Recipes is made from seaweed gelatine,
therefore it is popular in most of the vegetarian recipes.
They were popular since long long time ago.
You will see often in the restaurant desserts menu.

You can make many simple cold dessert recipes from it.
There are both English and Chinese agar agar desserts.
We used to enjoy them during the hot days.

I have prepared some of my favourite recipes for you.
I hope you like them.

Coffee Jelly

1 tablespoon gelatine or agar
65 ml cold water
185 ml boiling water
50g sugar

a. Soak the agar in the cold water,
for 2 hours.

b. Add the boiling water and sugar.

c. stir until dissolved;
then add the coffee.


Lemon Jelly

2 tablespoons agar
250 ml cold water
375 ml boiling water
150g sugar
250 ml lemon juice

a. Soak the agar in the cold water,
for 5 minutes.

b. Pour on the boiling water;
add the sugar and stir until dissolved,
and cooled.

c. Add the lemon juice and strain,
through sterilised cheesecloth.

d. Set aside in a cool place,
until stiff.


Whipped Jelly
a. When lemon jelly is ready, place it in a bowl on ice,
and when it is cool, but before it begins to harden,
beat with a Dover beater until white and frothy.

b. Turn into a mould and set,
in a cool place to harden.

c. Serve with fruits or boiled custard.

Thank you.

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