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Organic Apples from my garden

Some Famous Apple Recipes,
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Baked Apples Pudding

6 stewed apples
125g butter
2 eggs
Sugar to taste
6 crackers

a. Stir the butter into the apples,
while hot.

b. Add sugar.

c. When cold add eggs and beat together,
with the apples.

d. Pound and sift the crackers.

e. Lay a layer of crackers,
in two shallow buttered dishes.

f. Add a layer of apple on top.

g. Continue until you have filled your dish.

h. Let the apple be the upper layer.

i. Put the reminder of butter,
in a small bits upon it.

j. Bake in a 180°C oven,
or 356°F for 30 minutes.


Mint Apples

Small apples (peeled)
200g sugar
125 ml water
1 drop of mint flavour

a. Boil the sugar and water together,
till boiling point.

b. Drop in apples.

c. Cover with syrup and turn apples.

d. Keep covered and cook gently.

e. Add mint flavouring.

f. Cook until apples are tender.

a. You may use this to replace the mint sauce,
and display around the lamb.

b. You may treat it as dessert too.

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