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Beef Steak

Beef Tenderloin Recipes

Beef Tenderloin

1 tenderloin beef steak
Onions (chopped)
Salt and pepper
Mashed or sliced potatoes
Carrots (well cooked)

a. Cover steak with onions.

b. Season well with salt and pepper.

c. Smear all over with butter.

d. Surround steak with potatoes and carrots.

e. Bake in 220°C or 428°F oven,
for about 10 minutes.

f. Serve on hot plates.


Pot Roast Beef Rib

1 piece cross ribs
1 onion (chopped fine)
1 piece garlic
Salt and pepper
1 large or two small bay leaves
1/2 level teaspoon cloves
1/2 level teaspoon allspice
125 ml hot water
1/2 canned tomatoes
A few dried mushrooms
(soaked and cut into small pieces)
Flour (dissolved in a little cold water)

a. Pierced the rib with bacon.

b. Put some oil in the frying pan.

c. Add onion and garlic.

d. When hot add meat and brown,
on four sides.

e. Put all into pot, add salt,
and pepper to taste.

f. Add bay leaves, cloves, allspice,
and hot water.

g. Let it cook about 2 hours.

h. Add tomatoes and mushrooms.

i. Cook for 30 minutes longer.

j. Thicken gravy with a little flour mixture.

Note: When the rib is a large piece,
it will need longer time to cook.


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