Bread Recipes including Beer Bread and Pumpkin Bread.
We learn How to Make Bread,
and ...

I love to collect special Bread Recipes. I prefer those simple ones,
than the difficult one.

Beer and Pumpkin are two of my favourites.

breakfast-breads French Toast Fruit-bread

Easy made breakfast. They came with many shapes.
They are all delicious.

Toasts are very common, and they are very easy to make.
They are also wonderful.

Fruits are very lovely. I love the sweet and sour mixed of taste,
and especially the fragrant from it.

Our specialities are cater for both machine and handmade.
They are pretty simple. You just need to combine,
your desired ingredients, with the flour.
Most of the liquid quantity are almost the same.

I eat them everyday. It is also part of my diet plan.

Some delicious?

Pancake poppyseed biscuit bread vegetable sandwich

Simple Pancakes and Doughnuts are common for kids.

Lemon poppyseed biscuit like toast is very delicious.
I got this recipe from my bakery friend.

Ingredients with pecan, and vegetables are most wonderful.

We will learn immediately, how to make sour dough starter,
sourdough bread, yeast bread, and ...

I am sure, you can make it!

Sour Dough Starter and Sourdough...
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