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Chinese Cabbage

Cabbage Recipe

Pickled Cabbage

1 cabbage
Spiced vinegar

a. Remove the outer leaves and stalks,
before quartering.

b. Put in jar and sprinkle salt between layers,
and let stand over night.

c. Drain as dry as possible and cover,
with boiling hot vinegar.

d. Add spice to taste.


Fried Cabbage

1 cabbage
Salt and pepper

a. Par-boil cabbage.

b. Remove and drain it.

c. Lay it a while in cold water,
to remove the vegetable smell.

d. Put it into a clean pot of fresh water,
and boil until thoroughly done.

e. Chop it small and season,
with a little pepper and salt.

f. Fry it in butter.

Chinese Fried Rice Recipe,
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