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Chicken Gumbo Recipes

Chicken Gumbo One

1 young chicken
Cooking oil
1 large onion (sliced)
1 tablespoon flour
24 boiled shrimps
24 oysters
4 pieces ham
1500 ml water
Chopped parsley
Salt and black pepper
1 teaspoon powdered file
Cooked Rice

a. Clean the chicken, cut in pieces,
and fry in hot oil.

b. Add onion, flour, boiled shrimps,
oysters and ham.

c. Fry all together and when brown,
add water, and let boil for 1 hour.

d. Season with parsley, salt,
and pepper.

e. Stir in quickly the powdered file,
just before removing from fire while boiling.

f. Remove and pour in tureen.

g. Serve hot with rice.


Chicken Gumbo Two

1 chicken (500g to 2000g)
100 nl bacon fat
1 onion
1000g cut fine okra
(fresh or canned)
1 tomato (sliced)
200g cream
2 sprigs parsley
750 ml boiling water
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons salt
200g boiled rice

a. Cut the chicken into convenient pieces,
and saute until brown in bacon fat.
Then place all the pieces in a saucepan.

b. Cut a large onion into thin slice,
and sauté slowly for 10 minutes in the fat.

c. Add okra, tomoto and parsley sprigs.

d. Saute all of these ingredients very slowly,
for 30 minutes.

e. Place them in the saucepan with the chicken.

f. Add boiling water, pepper and salt.

g. Simmer slowly 2 to 4 hours,
until the chicken is very tender.

h. Add boiled rice and cream.
Boil up once before serving.

i. Separate the bones from the chicken.

j. Serve with pieces of chicken,
in the plate with the soup.

Note: You may add more water,
and seasoning, when desired.

Thank you!

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