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Dessert recipes are the most attractive recipes in my

I love to try new recipes for cakes, whenever there is visitor.
I like to serve also the Desserts from Chinese,
whenever I have a new recipe created.

There are plenty of rooms for the creation of desserts.
Especially, the cake recipes. I love to play around,
with the toping and the ingredients.

There are many varieties of desserts from Chinese.
One time I decorate them differently, another time,
I change the ingredients or cooking methods.
I love most of them.

Let's go and see them all...

chinese-desserts Chinese Soy bean Milk and Jelly

Almond cookies-Chinese New Year cookies

This are desserts from the Chinese Section. Deep fried biscuit balls, coated with white sesame seeds.

The center one is Soybean jelly. It is made from the fresh
soy beans. You can either make it to jelly or liquid.
I love it very much.

The right one is crispy cookies. It is made from milk cereal,
mung bean flour and nutmeg powder.

Make White Fungus Jelly for yourself?

Chinese dessert-pudding Dutch desserts-cinnamon pear Chinese desserts-spilt pea cake

This are simple desserts. Simple Pudding.
You can make it with either wheat or rice cereal.

The center one is Dutch Stewed Cinnamon Pear.

The right one is a yellow Spilt Pea Cake, with coconut juice.

I will show you how easy to make them.

Make a Carrot Cake?

Dessert recipes-cocoa cake Dessert recipes-ice cream Dessert recipes-blueberry tart

I have many special recipes for cakes.

Layers of cocoa-caramel cakes. It is a simple recipe.

The center one is my favourite ice-cream cakes.
Are they beautiful?

The right one is a blueberry tart. You can change,
the top fruits or change the bottom to biscuit.
It is a very flexible recipe.

Join me?

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