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Chinese and English Duck Recipes

chinese Fried Rice

Duck Recipes

English Roasted Ducks

6 shallots
1 little parsley
A bay leaves
40 ml stock
40 ml white wine
A little grated nutmeg

a. Cut off the best parts of a couple,
of roasted ducks.

b. Put the rest of the meat,
into a mortar, with shallots,
parsley, some pepper,
and bay leaf.

c. Pound all these ingredients well,
and put into a saucepan with the stock,
white wine and grated nutmeg.

d. Reduce these to half, strain them,
and having laid the pieces on a dish.

e. Cover them with the mixture.

f. Keep the whole hot, not boiling,
until wanted.

Note: You may use crock-pot,
or fire-less cooker to keep it hot.


Chinese Duck Recipes

Chinese Duck Soup

1/2 matured duck
10g dried orange peel
(Rinse, soak and drained)
150g ginger (fine chopped)
250 ml rice wine
Salt to taste

a. Wash and drain the duck.

b. Cut into pieces.

c. Blanch in boiling water and drain it.

d. Heat the wok, add oil.

e. Stir fry ginger until fragrant.

f. Add the duck pieces, orange peel,
rice wine and salt.

g. On low heat, cook for 2 hours,
after the first boiling.

Note: This soup can go with rice,
or noodles, when preffered.


Dried Orange Peel
Wash, drain and Sun dry the orange peel,
and keep it away at a cool and dark place,
for several months.


Chinese Fried Rice

Fresh black prawns

Wash, drain and season with sugar and pepper.


Lightly beaten and panned fry ,
into a thin layer and cut into pieces.

Dried scallops

Soak and cut fine.

Black mushrooms

Soak and dice.


Fine chopped


Fine chopped

Salt and pepper
Soy sauce (optional)

Chinese sausage

Rinse, steam and diced.

Cooking oil

Spring onion (optional)
Cut small.

a. Cook rice as usual and let it cool.

b. While waiting, put oil in a hot wok,
and stir-fry the garlic till fragrant.

c. Fry the rest of the ingredients,
(except shallots) separately till fragrant,
and dish up.

d. In a hot wok, fry shallots,
till fragrant, then add rice.
Fry little at a time, till all finished.

e. Add the rest of the ingredients,
and mix well.

f. When done, sprinkle spring onion,
or dark browned shallots over the top,
when desired.

a. The preparation of all ingredients,
are more or less the same as Fried Noodles.

b. When you add salt to fry,
you use less or no soy sauce.
It is all up to you.

c. Some people like to fry rice,
with broth, others preferred water.

d. Fried rice suppose to be dry.
When you need moist, then you may consider,
to add a simple cabbage soup.


Chinese Cabbage Soup

Chinese cabbage
1 slice ginger root (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

a. Wash, drain and cut the cabbage,
into pieces.

b. Put them with ginger in a pot,
of water just enough to cover.

c. Cook till tender and sprinkle salt,
and pepper to taste.

More cabbage recipe?

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