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Easy Cocktail Recipes, Easy Punch Recipes, Fruit Wine Recipes

Easy Cocktail Recipes

Strawberry Cocktail

1000g strawberries
1 lemon (juiced)
1 orange (juiced)
200g sugar
1000 ml water
3 berries (sliced)

a. Mash berries, add juices, sugar and water.

b. Let stand for 2 hours and strain,
through a jelly bag.

c. Put on ice until very cold.

d. When ready, serve in tall glasses,
and top 3 sliced berries on each serving.


Mint Punch

200g sugar
500 ml water
1 orange (grated rind)
1 lemon (grated rind)
1 piece of stick cinnamon
12 cloves
3 lemons (juiced)
4 oranges (juiced)
1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
2 drps of oil of spearmint
50g preserved ginger (diced)
500 ml soda water
Green colouring

a. Cook sugar with water, grated rinds,
cinnamon, and cloves.

b. Cool and strain, add juices,
mint leaves and spearmint oil drops.

c. Place on ice for 2 hours.

d. Strain again and add ginger.

e. Add colouring and ice, and soda water.

f. Garnish with mint.


Raspberry Wine

500g loaf sugar
2000 ml juice
2000 ml sherry wine

a. Bruise the raspberries with the back,
of spoon.

b. Strain them through a flannel bag.

c. Add sugar to 1000 ml juice,
and stir well.

d. Cover closely, letting it stand for 3 days,
stirring well each day.

e. Pour off the clear juice, and add 1000 ml fresh juice.
Bottle it and use in 2 weeks.

Note: Use brandy instead of wine,
will produce a Raspberry Brandy.

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