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We have many verities of macaroni, pasta, pickles,
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chicken cocktails, salmon cocktails, and many other
verities in our cocktail recipes.

We go First Glass Party?

Tropical Sherbet Redberry Sherbet

Cherry Tart

Tropical Sherbet is one of the wonderful cocktail recipes in
my restaurant. There are many verities of fruits and
in them.

Red Berry Sherbet takes very little time to prepare.
It is a important finger food in all cocktail parties.

Cherry Tart is in a simple and attractive presentation.
Kids love them very much.

We go Cocktail Party?

Appetizer-Chicken Fruit-Salad Cocktail-mix

Salad Party?

Chicken salad is a little heavier compared to the other finger food.
It is an combinations of vegetables, chicken, egg and salad cream.

Fruit salad is very digesting, and it belongs to one of the most
simple appetizer recipes.

Cocktail Mix came with verities of finger food. I had this 2 days
ago, when I attended my mother-in-law's 80 years old Birthday
party. It was a great presentation. Most of the food are ready
to eat. You don't have to prepare at all. You just need to
decorate them. Fantatic!

Chicken Satay Fruits cocktail Punch

Chicken satay, is one from the famous recipes in Asia restaurants.
It is easy to prepare. You can either grill or bake the chicken filets.
It came with peanuts sauce.

Fruits cocktail is a simple mouth watering food. You can choose
any kind of fresh fruits, with nice combination of sauces, or
ice cream. It is a wonderful fruit salad.

Cocktail Punch is a Colourful and lovely drink.
I used to prepare this kind of drinks with verities of fresh fruit juices,
for my friends. It is very simple, and delicious. Wonderful, right?

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