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A numbers of fish recipes, salmon recipes and shrimp recipes,
cook books are on a kitchen table. A young chef is cooking,
a curried fish in a wok, with a happy smiling face.

We are standing right in front of a famous seafood restaurant,
in town. The tables are almost fully occupied.

Today is my 50 years old birthday, I have decided to give you,
a treat.

What do you love to eat tonight? Shall we look through all,
the recipes in those cooking books, before we decide?

Let's see...

Lovely soft shell fish recipes? Oh, my favorite crab!
Do you like crab?

Curried Fish Curry Fish

Wonderful shrimp recipes? Yummy....

Shrimp Soup

500g shrimps
1/2 lemon (juiced)
Nutmeg (grated)

a. Pound the shrimps in a mortar with the lemon juice,
and a piece of butter equal in weight to them.
b. When the paste is smooth, pass it through the sieve.
c. Add pepper, salt and nutmeg.

Ingredients B
Bread crumbs (equal amount of shrimp pulp)
1 tablespoon flour

a. Soak the bread crumbs in the stock.
b. in a saucepan, melt a piece of butter with the flour.
c. Mix the shrimp pulp with the bread crumbs,
and put both into the saucepan.
d. Stir well and add more stock until a pureè is,
obtained rather thinner in consistency than the
soup should be.
e. Put the saucepan on the fire, stir the mixture
till it thicken and boil.
f. Remove from fire, and skim off the fat carefully.
g. Strain the soup through a sieve.
h. Boil it very hot and serve.


Shrimp Yummy (8 Servings)

1 cup fresh shrimps
1 cup peas (cooked)
1/8 teaspoon paprika
1 large tablespoon flour
375 ml milk
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon chopped parsley

a. Wash, rinse and drain the shrimps.
Remove unwanted parts.
b. Cut into small pieces.
c. Melt the butter in pan,
mix the flour well with it.
d. Pour on gradually the milk,
and as soon as the sauce thickens,
add the shrimps and peas,
with all the seasonings.
e. Bring to the boiling point,
and serve on buttered soda crackers.


Anchovy Sauce for Fish Recipes

3 tablespoons anchovy essence
250g butter (melted)
Plenty of cayenne
A little Mace

a. Stir the essence into the butter.
b. Add seasoning to your taste.
c. Boil it up for a minute or two.

a. The thickest clean and fresh saucepan should be used,
for sauce and gravies.
b. Only wooden spoons should be used for stirring.
c. Let the fire be clear and not too fierce.


Some more shell fish recipes? I love clams! And you?

Clam Soup

25 clams
3000 ml water
500 ml milk
1 onion (fine chopped)
butter and flour
3 eggs (beaten)

a. Open the raw clams, chop fine.
b. in a pan, place the clams and add the water.
c. Boil them for 30 minutes.
d. Add milk, onion, and thicken with butter and flour.
e. Pour the broth over the eggs boling hot.

You like shell fish recipes? I love all.
I am crazy of crabs!

Fish filet Herring pickles Shrimp salad

What about other fish recipes or salmon recipes,
or shrimp recipes?

Salmon Salad

1 can salmon
250g celery (cut fine)
250g mayonnaise dressing (reserve a teaspoon for toping)
Curl lettuce
Fresh crisp lettuce leaves

a. Free the salmon from skin, bones and oil.
b. Pick the fish apart and add the celery.
c. Toss with the mayonnaise dressing lightly, and season
to taste.
d. Arrange in salad dish and garnish with curl lettuce.
e. Serve on fresh lettuce leaves.

What a lovely salad!

What about other fish recipes and Baked Salmon?

Steamed Fish with cocoanut sauce

Some more salmon recipes or more shrimp recipes?

Creamed Salmon

2 level tablespoons utter
2 level tablespoons flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
250 ml hot milk
1 can salmon

a. In a saucepan, add butter.
b. When it begins bubbling, add flour, salt and pepper.
Mix until perfectly smooth.
c. Add very slowly the hot milk, beating each time.
d. Cook until it thicken, adding more salt, if necessary.
e. Remove all bones and skin from the salmon,
and break into 2 cm pieces.
f. Stir lightly into the sauce, and when thoroughly heated,

Oh, what wonderful!


More fish recipes? Is this the last item from,
the salmon recipes?

Baked Salmon

Ingredients A
1 can salmon
1 tablespoon flour
1000 ml boiling milk
1/2 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon minced onion
1/8 teaspoon cayenne powder
Salt and pepper to taste
a. In a saucepan, mix flour in the boiling water.
b. Stir in butter, onion, cayenne, salt and pepper.

Ingredients B
Grated bread crumbs

a. Drain all the oil from the salmon. Pick out the skin,
and bones and flake fine.
b. In a pudding dish place one layer of the fish,
cover fully with bread crumbs and the dressing.
c. Repeat the same and finishing with crumbs.
d. Put dot of butter over the top and bake,
to delicate brown.
e. Serve immediately with bread and butter,
or lemon and cracker.

I love all!

Shrimps Salmon cocktail

Extra Tips
a. Fresh fish should have bright eyes, clear and red gills,
stiff body, and smell fresh.
b. Salmon should have a small head, thick shoulders,
and a small tail.
c. The flesh of salmon should be be bright red, scales bright.
d. Eels should be bought alive.
e. Crabs and lobsters should be heavy and very stiff.


At last, we both agreed to have Baked Salmon from,
Salmon Recipes, Shrimp Soup from Shrimp Recipes,
and my favorite Chilli Crab.

Do try out our fish recipes and enjoy cooking fish!

Thank you and see you soon again!

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