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General Tips For Baking (Estimated)

Baking Powder One
250g bicarbonate of soda
500g cream of tartar
250g corn starch

Baking Powder Two
2.5 parts of cream of tarar
1 part of baking soda
1/2 part of cornstarch

a. Mix thoroughly and sift 3 times.

b. Put up in small tins.


1000g flour to 2 level teaspoonful baking powder
250g sour milk or cream to 1/2 teaspoon soda
1000g flour to 1.5 teaspoon cream of tartar


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

Measurement (Estimated)

1/2 box gelatine equals to 2 tablespoons

3 teaspoons equals to 1 tablespoon

4 tablespoons equals to 1/4 cup

16 tablespoons equals to 1 cup

2 cups equals to 1 pint

16 cups equals to 1 gallon or 8 pints

32 cups equals to 1 peck or 16 pints

16 ounces equals to 1 pound

1/4 teaspoon salt equals to a pinch

1/4 square inch pepper equals is a shake

1 round tablespoon butter equals to 1 ounce

1 solid cup butter, granulated sugar,
milk, chopped meat equals to 1/2 pound


1 cup liquid plus 3 cups flour for bread
1 cup liquid plus 2 cups flour for muffins
1 cup liquid plus 1 cup flour for batter


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Make Pastry for One Pie

120g flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
100g butter
Cold water

a. Mix baking powder and salt with flour.

b. Chop in the butter with a knife.

c. Mix the batter quite stiff,
with cold water and roll out.

d. Put the butter on the paste,
in little pieces and sprinkle,
with flour.

e. Fold over and roll out.

f. Roll up like a jelly roll.

g. Divide in 2 parts and roll,
to fill the plate.


Plain Pastry For Tarts and Open Pies

240g flour
50g butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 egg yolks (beaten)
2 egg whites

a. Sift the flour, salt and sugar together.

b. Cut in the butter and mix,
in the yolks.

c. Add euogh water to make a paste,
which is not very stiff.

d. Roll it two to 3 times,
then cover it closely.

e. Put it in the refrigerator,
for an hour.

Note: This gives enough paste,
for 4 small tart pies.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

1 teaspoon soda to 1 cup molasses
1/2 teaspoon salt to 1000g custard
1 teaspoon salt to 1000 ml water


How to Cook Plain Syrup

200g sugar
250 ml water

a. Put sugar in saucepan, add water,
stir until dissolved.

b. Boil 12 minutes and bottle when cool.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Prepare Chocolate For Coating

500g covering chocolate
15g cocoa butter

a. Break the chocolate in pieces,
and carefully melt itdown in a small pan,
over hot water.

b. Stirring all the time till the chocolate,
is quite smooth.

c. Remove the pan from the hot water,
and stir the chocolate until it is cold and set.

d. Reheat over a gentle fire,
till it is thin enough to coat with,
and stir it well each time,
before dipping a center.

e. Drop a center in, turn it around,
then lift it out with a dipping fork,
and drop on a clean sheet of tin.

f. Decorate the top with a twisted strand,
of chocolate.

g. Cocoanut, blanched almonds,
glacè cherries or mint leaves may be used,
for decoration.

h. Dipped centers may be rolled,
in chopped roasted almonds,
or chopped pistachio nuts.

Extra Tips:
a. When melting chocolates, be careful not,
to letany water splash into it.

b. Left over chocolate may be re-melted,
or used for centers.

c. Never leave dipped chocolates exposed,
to the air, but pack away in boxes lined,
withwaxed paper.

d. The room temperature for chocolates dipping,
should be between 140°C (284°F),
to 149°C (300°F).


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Prepare Canned Fruits

a. Always open canned fruit one hour,
before using.

b. Fruits become richer in flavour,
after they have absorbed oxygen.


How to Cook Meat in Casserole

a. Wash, drain and wipe meat.

b. Season and put it in casserole.

c. Cover and put in hot oven,
till tender in its own juices.

d. This is a good way to cook pot roast,
and other heavy meats.


How to Braise Meat

a. Wash, drain and wipe meat.

b. Remove most of the fat and season.

c. Heat butter or drippings, boiling hot,
in pan.

d. Sear meat on both sides,
and add a little boiling hot stock,
and cover tightly.

e. Draw pan to back of stove,
and let the contents simmer,
until tender.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Broil Meat

a. Wash, drain and wipe meat.

b. Remove all fat, and score the sides,
in several places.

c. Grease broiler with a little fat,
and broil carefully, turning broiler very often,
so that both sides of the meat,
will be evenly cooked.

d. It takes 8 minutes to cook an inch-thick steak,
or 10-12 minutes, if steak be thicker. 5-8 minutes,
will broil a chop.

e. Dish in very hot platter, season,
and serve at once.


How to Pan Broil Meat

a. Heat a frying pan until it begins,
to smoke.

b. Wash, drain and wipe meat,
remove most of the fat.

c. Score and put in pan, sear,
on both sides.

d. Draw pan to one side,
and let the contents cook,
until done.

e. Remove fat, season, and serve very hot.


Good Sauce for Meats

Corn Beef- Mustard
Roast Beef- Grated Horseradish

Roast Lamb- Mint sauce

Roast Mutton- Currant jelly

Roast Pork- Apple sauce

Fried Chicken- Cream gravy,
and corn fritters
Roast Chicken- Bread sauce

Roast Duck- orange salad

Roast Turkey- Chestnut Dressing,
and cranberry jelly

Lobster Cutlet- Sauce tartar
Fresh salmon- Cream sauce and green peas.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

General Dressings for Meats or Salads

1 heaping of teaspoon musatrd
1 heaping of teaspoon salt
1 heaping of teaspoon sugar
A little red pepper
150 ml vinegar
5 egg yolks
150g rich cream
1 tablespoon butter

a. Mix mustard, salt and sugar together.

b. Add red pepper and enough vinegar,
to make a paste.

c. Beat egg yolks, add mustard,
and the rest.

d. Boil till thick, and let it cool.

Note: This can be bottled and kept,
in a cool place and used as needed.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Enhance Salt Taste without Adding Salt?
Add sour, a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice will help.

How to enhance Sugar Taste without Adding Sugar?
Add very little salt will help.

How to Reduce Sweet Taste?
For whatever reason your dish became too sweet,
you may add lemon juice or vinegar,
to reduce the sweet taste.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

How to Remove Muddy Taste

a. Fresh water fish has often a muddy taste,
take off which, soak it in strong salt,
and water.

b. If of a size to bear it, give it a scald,
in the same after extremely good cleaning,
and washing.


Ox for beef

Cooking Beef

Beef (The Hind Quarter)
1. Sirloin
2. Rump.
3. Edge Bone.
4. Buttock.
5. Mouse Buttock.
6. Veins Piece.
7. Thick Flank.
8. Thin Flank.
9. Leg.

Beef (The Fore Quarter)

10. Fore rib: Five ribs
11. Middle rib: Four ribs.
12. Chuck: Three ribs.
13. Shoulder
14. Brisket.
15. Clod.
16. Neck (sticking Piece).
17. Shin.
18. Cheek.


Food Dictionary and Cooking Magazine

Cooking Methods

Baked- Veins piece.

Boiled-Brisket, Chuck ribs, Edge bone, Heels,
Leg ran, sticking Piece, Ran-loran, Round,
Shoulder Clod, Veins piece.

Bouillon or broth -Brisket,Shoulder, Shin.

Corned-Thick flank, Thin flank.

Gravy-Chuck ribs, Neck.


Roasted-Sirloin, Rump, Veins piece
and Fore ribs.

Sausages-Shoulder Clod.

Soup-Head, Heels, Leg, Leg ran, sticking Piece,
Shin, Shoulder Clod, Tail.

Steaks-Rump, Veins piece, Thick flank, Thin flank,
and Shoulder.

Stewed-Brisket, Chuck ribs, Head, Leg, Leg ran,
Rump, Shin, Tail.

Salted- Brisket, Round, Veins piece.

Eating season-Throughout the year.


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