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French Toast Recipes

French Toast

12 slices bread (2 cm thick)
2 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
375 ml milk

a. Beat together the eggs, salt,
and the milk.

b. Put a part of the mixture,
in a soup plate and dip a few slices,
of bread into it.

c. Continue adding a little mixture,
and dipping the slices until all the mixture,
has been used.

d. Spread the bread on a platter,
and let it stand for 30 minutes.

e. Last, rub the bars of the toaster lightly,
with butter and brown the bread on both sides.

f. Serve very hot.


Fruit French Toast

1 slice of pineapple (tinned)
French toast

a. Lay a drained slice of pineapple,
on the toast.

b. Sprinkle generously with sugar,
and brown in oven or under grill.


French Toast Recipes

Sweet French Toast

Sweeten milk
Vanilla (optional)
Beaten egg

a. When bread is too dry, dip first,
in sweeten milk.

b. Flavoured with vanilla (optional).

c. Dip each slice in beaten egg.

d. Fry in butter, delicately browning,
both sides.


French Toast

1 egg beaten
125 ml milk
1/4 teaspoon salt

a. Combine all and mix well.

b. When bread is not so stale,
dip both sides of slices,
in the mixture.

c. Serve very hot.

Eating tips:

a. It can be eaten with jelly, syrup, jam,
or marmalade, or with powdered sugar,
and sprinkle with lemon juice,
is an appetizing breakfast dish.

b. It makes an equally good dessert,
with any sweet pudding sauce.

c. Left non-sweeten, it can be fried,
in bacon fat,
and served with meat gravy or hash.


Chocolate Brownies

2 eggs
60g butter
200g sugar
2 squares bitter chocolates (melted)
200g chopped nuts
120g flour
1 teaspoon vanilla

a. Mix ingredients together and then spread,
in buttered pans about 1/2 inch thick.

b. Bake in 177°C or 350°F oven,
for about 30 minutes.

c. Cut in squares.

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