Easy Gluten Free Recipes and Pear Recipes plus other Fruit Desserts for Your Parties.

Gluten Free Recipes For Pears

Gluten Free Recipes

Sugared Pumpkin

2000g sugar
1 piece vanilla bean
2000g pumpkin

a. Peel pumpkin and put,
in lime water several hours,
before cooking.

b. Par boil strips of pumpkin,
in a light syrup.

c. Make a syrup with the sugar,
and vanilla bean.

d. Stir in pumpkin and let cook,
until it granulates.

e. Remove and put on a plate,
to air dry several days.


Sugared Pecans

2500g pecans
1500g granulated sugar
1000 ml water
2 teaspoons vanilla

a. Pick pecans as near whole,
as possible.

b. Brown them in the oven.

c. Make a syrup of sugar, water,
and vanilla.

d. Boil until it become hard,
when dropped into water.

e. When cooked, put in pecans,
and stir until it granulates.

f. When cold sift the loose sugar,
from them.


Easy Pear Recipes

Baked Stewed Pears

Ripped Pears

a. Wash the apples and put them,
into a deep dish.

b. Sprinkle each one with a pinch,
of sugar, cinnamon, and cloves.

c. Cover the bottom of your dish,
with 3-cm cold water.

d. Set them in a 200°C or 392°F oven,
and simmer for about 3 hours.

e. When the water dries off,
add a little more.

f. When they are soft, Serve them,
with cream or milk.

Note: When using hard,
green cooking pears, must be peeled.


Pear Conserve

3000g pears (chopped)
1500g sugar
500g raisins
3 oranges (peeled and sliced)
200g nuts

Comnine all and cook,
until the desired consistency.


Pear and Orange Marmalade

2 oranges
8 pears (peeled)
Sugar syrup

a. Put oranges and pears,
to the food chopper.

b. Drop all into a syrup.

c. Cook to the right consistency,
and cool.


Gluten Free Recipes

Apple Ginger

170g whole white ginger
2000 ml cold water
3000g apples
3000g rock sugar

a. Bruise the ginger a little,
put into a pan of cold water.

b. Boil the ginger slowly till soft.

c. Drain and keep the liquid.

d. Core and pare the apples.

e. Cut each apple into 6 pieces,
(the long way).

f. Add rock sugar and boil the whole slowly.

g. Shake often to prevent burning.

h. Boil about 75 minutes, till the fruit,
becomes a clear brown colour,
and transparent.


Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Simple Apple Salad

8 red apples
fine chopped celery
Boiled dressing
Curled celery

a. Scoop out the center of apples,
with a vegetable scoop.

b. Mix with equal amount,
of chopped celery and dressing.

c. Fill apple shells and serve on bed,
of curled celery.


Snow Apple

12 tart apples
8 egg whites
250g powdered sugar

a. Put apples in the cold water,
and set them over the heat.

b. When just soft, drain the water off.

c. Strip off the skins, core them,
and lay them in a deep dish.

d. Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth.

e. Add sugar to the apples.

f. Beat them to a stiff froth.

g. Add beaten egg whites,
beat the whole to a stiff snow.

h. Turn into a dessert dish and ornament it,
with myrtle.


Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Banana Salad

1 Banana
4 lettuce leaves
Some chopped celery
Some nuts
Salad dressing

a. Cut the banana into 4 pieces.

b. Put each on a lettuce leaf, and cover,
with celery and nuts.

c. Cover lightly with dressing.



Banana Snow

6 good ripe bananas
1 lemon (juiced)
1 egg whites (whipped)
2 tablespoons sugar
Chopped walnuts

a. Cut and slice the fruit.

b. Mash as fine as possible.

c. Add lemon juice and the egg white.

d. Whip banana, lemon juice,
and egg together.

e. When nearly done add sugar,
and whip until sugar is dissolved.

f. When ready to serve add walnuts on top.

Note: The longer you whip the,
more banana snow you will get.



Banana Ice

3 oranges
3 lemons
3 bananas (mashed fine)
600g sugar
1500 ml water

a. Put sugar and water together.

b. Boil for a few minutes.

c. Pour it over the juice and pulp,
of the lemons, oranges, and bananas.

d. When cold freeze stiff.

I hope you have enjoyed all the Gluten Free Recipes.

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