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Ice Tea Recipes

Iced Tea Recipes

Iced Tea
(One Serving)

1 teaspoon black tea
Boiling water
1/4 lemon
Sweeten to taste

a. Add tea to the cup and pour,
on boiling water.

b. Leave on for 5 minutes and strain,
into pitcher.

c. Allow to cool slowly.

d. When cool, place on ice until ready,
to serve.

e. Pour into a pretty glass with pieces,
of ice.

f. Serve with 1/4 of lemon,
and sweeten to taste.


Tips for Making Tea

a. In making tea, an earthen teapot,
is the best.

b. Fill the teapot with boiling water,
and let stand 5 minutes.

c. Empty and put in the tea.
Allow 1 teaspoonful for each cupful.

d. Cover with freshly boiled water,
and allow it to stand on warm place,
for 5 minutes to keep hot,
but will not boil.


How to Make Mild Tea

1/2 teaspoon tea
Freshly Boiling water

a. Place te leaves in the cup,
and pour boiling water on the tea,
and cover closely.

b. Let stand for 5 minutes.



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