Homemade Italian Recipes plus How to Make Pasta with Pasta Machine, and Famous Pasta Recipe


Homemade Italian Recipes

How To Make Pasta

250g soft wheat flour
250g durum wheat four
5 eggs (room temperature)

a. Mix the flour and pour into a bowl.

b. Add the eggs in the middle of the flour.

c. Mix the eggs and the flour with a fork,
until they are blended completely.

d. Knead the mixture with hands,
until they don't stick to your fingers.
When the dough is too soft, add flour.
Too hard, add water.

e. Remove the mixture and place it onto,
a lightly floured table.

f. Cut it into small pieces, when desired.

g. Roll out the dough till smooth,
and cut them (using machine or knife),
into shapes and sizes that you desired.

Note: 5 eggs can be replaced,
with 240ml water


Pasta Recipes

Pasta Recipe with Butter and Cheese

150g pasta
Butter and cheese

a. Cook pasta in salted boiling water,
for 12-15 minutes.

b. Stir often to prevent it for sticking,
to the bottom.

c. When tender, remove and drain it.

d. Turn them into a pudding-dish,
with generous quantity of butter,
and grated cheese.

e. Place an extra plate of cheese on the table,
so that the guests can help themselves to it.


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