Delicious Oriental Recipes with Chinese Desserts plus Hong Kong Dim Sum Photos!

Oriental Recipes are popular in the world.

We used to think of dim sum, whenever we talk about Hong Kong,
one of the Famous Chinese Food Paradise.

There are many different varieties of Chinese food in our,
Singapore Chinese Restaurants.

Let me show you some of my favourite Chinese Food Recipes,
such as Chinese New Year Cookies and our popular Chinese,
Restaurant Desserts in Singapore.

Oriental Recipes

Egg Rolls

8 eggs (fluffy beaten)
220g sugar
120 ml coconut milk
110g cornflour (sifted)
56g wheat flour (sifted)
1/2 teaspoon ammonia soda
1/4 teaspoon soda bicarbonate

a. Combine sugar and milk, and beat,
until sugar dissolved.

b. Combine all dry ingredients,
in a mixing bowl and mix evenly with the batter.

c. Heat and grease the waffles mould,
with a walnut oil.

d. Pour in a tablespoon of batter,
and sandwich it to toast for 6 to 8 seconds,
each side.

e. Remove the biscuit with the knife,
and roll it out with the chop-stick.

f. Leave to cool and keep,
in an airtight tin.

a. You may fold it into all designs,
instead of in rolls.

b. You have to try the batter a few times,
in order to get it perfect.

Chinese Desserts-Green Bean Soup Chinese Desserts-Red Dates Soup

Sesame Cookies

Ingredients A
60 ml water
140g sugar
Dissolved sugar in a saucepan of boiled water.

Ingredients B
1 egg
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
Beat the egg with the oil

Ingredients C
280g flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
100g white sesame seeds (washed and dried)

a. Sift the all flour on the table.

b. Make a well in the center,
to put in the syrup and egg batter.

c. Slowly draw in the flour,
to form a soft dough.

d. Make 32 small balls.

e. Roll the balls to the sesame seeds,
to coat.

f. Heat the oil to just boil,
and slip the cookies in and fry,
on low heat.

g. When the crack is formed, increase the heat,
to deep fry them till golden brown.

h. Remove and drain. Let cool,
and store in a jar.

Chinese Tea For Hong Kong Dim Sum Hong Kong Dim Sum-Egg Custard Bun Hong Kong Dim Sum-Bean Curd Prawn Rolls

Oriental Recipes

Orignial Glutinous Rice Dessert

Ingredients A
500g glutinous rice
700 ml water
1 tablespoon oil

a. Wash and soak the rice,
for 1 hour.

b. Drain and add the soaked water,
and grind to a smooth batter.

c. Place the mixture into a muslin bag,
and squeeze to drain off the excess water.

Ingredients B
50g peanut butter
50g sugar
Boiling water

Mix peanut butter and sugar.

Ingredients C
2000 ml black sesame dessert soup
1 slice of ginger

a. Remove the rice paste from the bag,
and add the oil and knead it to a smooth dough.

b. Divide the dough into 8 portions.

c. Rub each into a small round,
and press flat.

d. Fill each portion with the peanut butter,
and rub them evenly into a small ball.

e. Parboil in the boiling water,
till they float.

f. Boil the sesame soup hot,
add the rice balls and ginger.

g. Simmer for a while and serve hot,
in a small bowl.


Oriental Recipes

Sesame Dessert Soup

625 ml water
2 tablespoons rice flour
75g black sesame seeds
Rock sugar to taste

a. Wash and drain the sesame seeds,
and set aside for a while.

b. Mix the flour with 125 ml,
of water to a paste.

c. Fry the sesame seeds in a steel-pan,
till fragrant.

d. Combine sesame seeds and water,
and put through the grinder until it,
become a smooth batter.

e. Strain it, then collect the sesame juice.

f. On low fire, dissolve rack sugar,
in and sesame juice. Stirring consistently,
till the sugar is melted.

g. Add the rice paste very slowly,
into the soup and cook till it mixed.

h. Sesame Soup is ready.

Chinese Desserts-Egg Tart Hong Kong Dim Sum-Chicken Claws in Soy Sauce Hong Kong Dim Sum-Prawn Dumplings

Brown Rice Tea,
Red Dates Tea,
Sago Soup,
Steamed Eggs,
Sweet Soup,
Wheat Porridge,
Wheat Sprouts Juice,

Bean Curd Rolls and ...
Sui Mai

Oriental Recipes

Green Beans Soup

500g green beans (mung beans)
1 piece of dried orange peel (rinsed)
Rock sugar to taste

a. Wash and soak the beans,
in lukewarm water for 30 minutes.

b. Cook it with cold water and the orange peel,
till boiling point.

c. Turn low fire and cook,
till the beans are soft.

d. Add rock sugar to taste.

a. You may cook till the soup is thicken,
when desired.

b. You may use red beans (azuki beans) instead.

c. You may add barley or rice as well.


Red Dates Soup

A few red dates
500g raw peanut meats
Rock sugar to taste

a. Wash and soak the red dates,
and remove seeds.

b. Cook red dates and peanuts,
in a pot of cold water.

c. When the nuts are soft,
add rock sugar to taste.


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