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Pizza Recipe

Party Food

Pizza Recipe
Homemade Pizza

2 pieces of plain pancake
250g ground beef
1/2 pepper
4 slices of ham
200g mushrooms
1/3 cup of green peas and corn cubes
500g of shredded cheese, or chilli power
Tomato sauce

a. Rinse pepper and shred.

b. Slice the mushrooms and mush the ham.

c. Brush oil over the baking tray.

d. Place the pancake on it..

e. Spreed the beef, pepper, ham,
mushrooms and cover with tomato sauce.

f. Add corn cubes, and peas.

g. Sprinkle cheese over it.

h. Heat the oven 200°C or 392°F,
for 8 minutes.

i. Place the tray in the middle level,
and bake for 15 minutes.

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