Perfect Pea Soup Recipes including Split Pea Soup and Onion Soup Recipes.

Pea Soup Recipes, Split pea soup

Pea Soup Recipes

Cream of Pea

1/2 cup Scotch peas
1000 ml water
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
500 ml milk
1.5 teaspoons salt
Sugar (optional)

a. Cook the peas 6 hours until tender,
in the water.

b. Rub through the colander.

c. Add water sufficient to make 500g,
of puree.

d. Heat the milk in a double boiler.

e. Prepare a white sauce, made by rubbing,
together the butter, flour,
and a little warm milk.

f. The white sauce should cook,
about 10 minutes in a double boiler.

g. Add it to the body of the soup.

h. After the white sauce and puree have been cooked,
for a few minutes, add the salt and sugar,
and serve.


Green Pea Soup

Ingredients A
500g small new potatoes

Peel and set the potatoes,
in the cold water for 1 hour.

Ingredients B
2000g green peas
1 small onion
A sprig of parsley
(cut fine)
2000 ml hot water
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
500 ml milk
Toasted bread (sliced)

a. Put green peas, onion and parsley,
into the hot water.

b. Boil slowly for 30 minutes.

c. Add potatoes, sugar,
salt and boil,

till the potatoes are done.

d. Add milk, boil a minute,
or two and serve,

with small slices of toasted bread.


Split Pea Soup

500g split peas
3000 ml cold water (for soup)
1/3 teaspoon soda
250g lean ham or bacon (sliced)
1 teaspoon salt
1 stalk celery (fine cut)
A little pepper
Small squares toasted bread (cut-up)

a. Wash well the split peas and cover,
with cold water.

b. Add soda and let them soak for over night,
to swell.

c. In the morning, put them,
in a soup pot with a close fitting top.

d. Pour 3000 ml cold water over them.

e. Add ham, salt, pepper,
and celery.

f. Cook slowly from 3 to 4 hours,
stirring occasionally,
until peas are dissolved.

g. Strain through a colander,
and remove the meat.

h. Serve with toasted bread.

Note: If the soup is not thick enough,
you may add a small piece of butter.

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