Pork Recipes, Pork Ribs Recipe, Meat Recipes, and Poultry Recipes

Pork recipes, Pork Ribs Recipe, and Poultry Recipes are,
famous in our recipe collections.

I remembered my mum had several special recipes for the
chicken wings, pork ribs, fishes, seafood, and beef.

I have not many chances to cook, when she was around.
Because she was the best cook.

Today, I have collected quite a numbers of meat recipes.
Some are from my mum, of course. Others are from,
my friends and my own creations.

I want to share all with you. I hope that you will like all.

Meat recipes-Baked beef Meat recipes-Curried beaf Meat recipes-beef-noodles

All this are beef recipes. They are easy to prepare,
and they are very delicious.

Baked beef with black papper. It is quite spicy. You must,
watch out how much papper you use for seasoning.

Next, is the curried beef. It is also a simple dish.

The right one is beef slices, with noodles soup. Easy!

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Poultry recipes-curried-seafood Meat recipes-meatballs Pork ribs recipe-Deep Fried Pork Ribs

Have you ever thought of preparing a seafood pot,
for your guests? It is a quick dish.

Above is a hot seafood pot came with big prawns, fish filets,
and verities of vegetables.

This is one from our famous Seafoods.

Next, this are meatballs. It is from our meat recipes.
You can select either beef, or pork minced meat.

The right one is a piece of deep fried pork rib. It served
together with noodles soup. This amazing dish is from our
Pork ribs recipe.

Pork recipes-Spring-roll Poultry recipes-duck meat tart Pork recipes-dumplings

Above is our spring roll. I always prepared several fresh rolls,
freezed them, and served them hot with chilli sauce, when my
guests arrived. It is easy and delicious.

The ingredients are flexible. I often used fine chopped,
Chicken Breast Meat. Sometimes with turkey meat or minced pork,
combined with bean sprouts. This makes a very wonderful finger food.
This is from our famous pork recipes.

The center one is a duck meat tart. It is real simple.
Just season a little on the duck meat, and present it with,
the tart. Special, right?

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The right one is deep fried dumplings. A little similar with,
the spring rolls. The ingredients are ground pork, chives, shrimps,
and seasonings.

This are all from our poultry recipes!

How about cooking some delicious Indian Meat Recipes,
from Creative Cooking Corner?

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