Most delicious Salmon Recipe plus Your favourite Baked Fish with Baked Salmon and Salmon Loaf.

Raw Salmon for Salmon Recipe

Salmon Recipe

Salmon Balls

1 canned salmon
12 rolled soda crackers
250 ml milk
2 eggs

a. Combine all and form,
into a ball.

b. Fry a light brown.


Salmon Salad

1 canned salmon
(free from bone and oil)
3 stalks celery
(chopped fine)
3 hard boiled egg whites
1/4 teaspoon salt
Mayonnaise dressing

Mix all together and dress,
with mayonnaise.


Steamed Salmon Loaf One

1 canned salmon2 eggs (well beaten)
1 teaspoon butter
125 ml sweet milk
Salt and pepper to taste

a. Combine all and put,
in the buttered dish.

b. Steam for 45 minutes.


Steamed Salmon Loaf Two

1 canned slamon
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon paprika
100g soft bread crumbs
125 ml milk
3 egg yolks (beaten to very light)
3 egg whites (beaten)
Pimiento Sauce

a. Remove the salmon from the can,
and rinse thoroughly with hot water.

b. Remove the skin and bones,
and season with lemon juice,
salt and paprika. Let stand,
for a while.

c. Cook bread crumbs and milk together.
Stirring all the time until smooth.

d. Add this and beaten egg yolks,
to the fish and fold in the egg whites.

e. Turn into a buttered pan,
cover with butter paper and steam until done.

f. Remove from mould and garnish,
with parsley and pour the sauce around.


Pimiento Sauce

3 tablespoons butter
1.5 tablespoons flour
325 ml milk
3 pimientos (pressed through sieve)

a. Melt butter, add flour,
and milk.

b. Cook and stirring constantly.

c. Remove from fire and season,
with salt and pimientos.


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