Seafood Recipes with Crabs, Oyster Recipes and Oyster Sauce.

Seafood Recipes, Oyster Recipes

Seafood Recipes

Crab and Mushrooms

Ingredients A
400g fresh crabs meat
200g fresh mushrooms (diced)

Paprika powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon onion juice

a. Mix the crab meat and mushrooms,

b. Season with paprika, salt,
and onion juice.

Ingredients B
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon flour
250 ml milk
3 tablespoons cream
250 ml sherry wine

a. Mix butter and flour,
till smooth. Add milk.

b. Add the crab meat mixture,
into this sauce.

c. Cook for 3 minutes and remove,
from fire.

d. Add quickly the cream and set,
over the fire for 1 minute.

e. Add Sherry and serve hot.


Panned Oysters

pepper and salt

a. Drain the oysters.

b. Put them in a hot pan.

c. When they begin to curl,
add butter, pepper and salt.

d. Serve on toast.


Seafood Recipes

Fried Oysters

Ingredients A
Very fresh oysters

Ingredients B
1 egg
1 tablespoon milk
Mix the egg, and milk.

Ingredients C
Salt and pepper
1 loaf of dried bread (grated)
Cooking oil

a. Wash and dry the oysters.

b. Roll in flour, salt and pepper.

c. Dip in the egg mixture.

d. Roll in bread crumbs.

e. Repeat c and d 3 times.

f. Heat a pan of deep oil smoking hot,
fry for 1 minute.


Oyster Omelet One

Chopped oysters
(drain and seasoned)
5 egg whites
(stiffly beaten)
5 egg yolks
200g fine bread crumbs
250 ml milk
( with a little salt)

a. Soak bread crumbs in the milk.

b. Add oysters and the beaten whites.

c. Fry in buttered pan.


Oyster Omelette Two

4 eggs (beaten)
6 large oysters (chopped)
60g flour
250 ml milk

a. Mix all together and stir well.

b. Fry slowly, adding by the teaspoonful.



Seafood Recipes

Oyster and Sauce

1000g oysters
500 ml water
Salt and pepper
1000 ml milk (heaten)

a. Boil the oysters with water.

b. When hot, skim.

c. Put oysters in a pan,
with butter, salt, and pepper.

d. Boil 3 minutes, add milk.

e. Bring all to nearly boiling point,
and serve immediately.


Seafood Recipes

Oysters Specials

Ingredients for the Shells
500g butter
500g flour
1 teaspoon salt
Ice water
1 beaten egg

a. Place flour and 250g butter,
in a cold bowl and chop until mixture,
is fine like meal.

b. Wet with ice water, mix,
and roll out on a floured table.

c. Make the rest of the butter rather soft,
and spread a portion of it over the dough.

d. Fold the dough from outside,
towards the middle.

e. Roll again and spread with butter,
and repeat until all butter is used.

f. Put it near ice until the next day.

g. Roll out rather thin, cut in rounds,
with fluted cookie cutter.

h. Put 4 or 5 together one on top,
of another.

i. With a small cutter, cut out the centers,
of all, but the bottom of two.

j. Put it in baking tray with groups,
without moving them.

k. Brush with beaten egg and bake,
in a 200-210°C or 392-410°F preheated oven.

l. Watch carefully and do not scorch.

a. These shells may be made ahead of time,
and keep in a cool dry place.

b. Put in a warm oven and heat,
before filing with oysters.


Ingredients for Oysters
24 large oysters
500 ml milk
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon green sweet pepper
1 tablespoon pimentos

a. Blend butter and flour over slow fire,
to make a white sauce.

b. Add the milk and minced seasoning,
and cook for 5 minutes.

c. Heat he oysters in their own liquor,
until edges curl slightly.

d. Drain 250 ml liquor in the white sauce,
and lift the oysters out on a warm dish.

e. Add salt and pepper.

f. Put oysters in the sauce,
and heat for 1 minute.

g. Put 4 oysters and plenty,
of sauce into each pattie-shell.

h. Serve immediately.

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