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Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Cake

Ingredients A
Fresh ripped strawberries
White powdered sugar

a. Mash some of the berries and season with powdered sugar.
b. Keep some whole.


Ingredients B
250g flour
250g butter
3 eggs (very light beaten)
3 tablespoons powdered loaf-sugar
Cold water (optional)

a. Sift the flour into a pan and cut up among it the fresh butter.

b. Rub with your hands the butter into the flour,
till the whole is crumbled.

c. Mix powdered sugar with the beaten eggs.

d. Add this to the flour and butter to form a dough.

e. When it is too stiff, may add a little cold water.

f. Knead the dough till it quits your hands,
and leave them clean.

g. Spread some flour on your paste board,
and roll out the dough into a rather thick sheet.

h. Cut it into round cakes with the edge of a tumbler.

i. Dipping the cutter frequently into the flour to prevent its sticking.

j. Butter some large square baking pans or baking sheets.

k. Lay the cakes in, not too close to each other.
Set them in a 180°C oven, and bake about 30 minutes,
till they are light brown.

l. When the cakes are cool, split them,
and place them on flat dishes.

m. Cover the bottom piece of each with thick layer,
of mashed strawberries.

n. Lay on the top pieces, then pressing them down.

o. Spread some icing thickly over the top and down the sides of each cake, so as to enclose both the upper and lower pieces.

p. Before the icing has quite iced, ornament the top of every cake,
with the whole of strawberries, a large one in the centre,
and the smaller ones placed round in the circle.

Note: You may use the large white of buff-coloured raspberries,
to replace strawberries.

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Strawberry Ice Cream

1000g fresh berries
200g sugar
500g thin cream or soft custard

a. Mash the berries.
b. Add sugar.
c. When dissolved, squeeze out the juice through cheesecloth.
d. Dilute with the cream.
e. Add sugar when needed.
f. Freeze.

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