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Brown Rice Recipes, How to Cook Rice

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How to Cook Rice


a. Wash and remove unwanted rice.

b. Soak the rice with cold water just enough,
to cover, for 15 minutes.

c. Pour the water away, and put fresh water 1 cm higher than,
the rice level and leave it there, till ready to cook.

d. When ready, boil water and rice,
with covered lid until boiling point.

e. Stir the rice a little, then slow down the heat,
and let it cook slowly till you see the holes,
on the rice surface.

f. Stir again to ensure the water,
are good absorbed.

g. Keep the lid on, put off heat,
and let it stand for 10 minutes, before serving.

Note: When boiling, keep an eye on the lid.
When it is necessary, open the lid slightly.


Rice Mix

50% Brown rice
20% black whild rice
20% millets
10% rye

a. Wash and remove unwanted rice.

b. Combine and soak them in a pot,
of cold water for minimum 4 hours.

c. Cook the same way as above.


Millet Porridge

1 cup millets
1 cup glutinous rice
1 cup red rice
Black sugar to taste
9 cups cold water

a. Wash all rice and add it,
in a pot of water.

b. On strong fire cook it,
till boiling point.

c. Turn to low fire and continue cooking,
till a porridge formed.

d. Mix in black sugar.

e. Before fire turn off,
add raisins.

Note: When you prefer salty,
add bean paste and kelp.


Bean Soup Broth

100g soy bean sprouts
100g black bean sprouts

a. Wash and cook with cold water,
till boiling point.

b. Let it boil for 1 minute or two,
then turn fire low to simmer for 2 hours.

c. When cool, strain and put it in a tight closed container,
and keep in the freezer for future use.

Try Brown Rice Tea and Black Bean Soup,
and Pickles?

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