Vegetable Recipes, such as Cucumber Recipes and Pumpkin Soup are some of our quick recipes.

We have many vegetable recipes in our collections.

Cucumber recipes and pumpkin soup are in our quick recipes catergory.

Cucumber is most welcome in my family. Especially in those hot days.
You can create many verities of salads, pickles, and sandwiches,
with cucumbers.

They are so easy to handle. Sometimes I used it also as my facial mask.
They are all wonderful cucumber recipes!

Pumpkin is quite new to me, for beginning. Because I did not know,
how to handle it. Now I know, it is such a wonderful vegetable.
You can cook almost everything from it. Delicious!

Vegetable recipes, Celery Root Vegetable Recipes, Corn Soup Quick recipes-celery-soup

This is a celery root. I cook celery root soup very often, as and
when I have indigestion problem. I cook them with ceramic pot,
and together with carrots. I add no salt. You can smell the fragant,
when you go close to the pot.

You may also add in all other desired vegetables,
and meats to make it as meat soup.

The center one is a bowl of corn soup.
It has a little curry powder added.
Therefore it looks more like orange soup.

The right one is my celery soup.

Besides pumpkin soup, I have also many other types of dishes,
salads, and soups, in my recipes. Such as broccoli, cabbage,
carrot, cauliflower, celery, corn, eggplant, onion, Potatoes,
squash, sweet potato, and tomato soup.

They are all simple vegetable recipes.

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Desserts

Vegetable recipes-Red Cabbage Soup Vegetable recipes-Bean sprouts Quick recipes-use mushrooms for soup

This is a special soup. It is made from red cabbage, red onions,
potatoes, vinegar, curry leaves, white wine, and butter cream.

It is not complicated, as you need only to gather all the ingredients,
and do it at once. That's simple, right?

You may create more simple vegetable recipes from here.
Such as using bean sprouts for soup, or stir frying,
with any types of vegetables, meats, and tofu.
Or put them into the spring rolls. Flexible, right?

Fresh mushrooms can be used for everything. One time I stir fried it,
with beans, another time I steam it on top of my rice,
or put them on top of the pizza, or in the spaghetti sauce,
or make mushroom sauce from it. I often add it,
into the dry macaroni dish.

They are real quick recipes!

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